2017 Rotary Pribyl Junior Boys Golf Tournament

The Rotary Pribyl Junior Boys Amateur Golf Tournament is sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Area Rotary Clubs for students in the Cedar Rapids Community, College Community, Marion, Linn Mar Public and Cedar Rapids area Parochial school districts. The Tournament is open to boys in two age groups:

Open Division: Ages 15 to 17 and Novice Division: Ages 12 to 14

Registration is provided only online. Use the buttons below or the tabs above to register.

2017 Rotary Pribyl Tournament Information

Tournament Dates
Round One, Monday, July 31st, 2017, Donald K. Gardner
Round Two, Tuesday, August 1st, 2017, Cedar Rapids CC
Round Three, Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017, Hunters Ridge
Round Four, Friday, August 4th, 2017, Elmcrest CC


Donald K. Gardner Golf Course, Cedar Rapids Recreation Department
Hunters Ridge
Cedar Rapids Country Club
Elmcrest Country Club


Registrar Duties
  1. Arrive at course at designated time.
  2. Receive/review player list
  3. Verify each player is registered prior to play
  4. Complete a registration card for any players who arrive to play the first day who are not pre-registered
  5. Maintain a registration log
  6. Verify that there is a score card with each players name.
  7. Provide score cards to the Organizer.
Organizer Duties
  1. Arrive at the course at designated time.
  2. Receive a player list-with-tee times and score cards with names of players
  3. Gather four-somes 10 minutes in advance of their tee time.
  4. Direct four-somes to the Starter
Starter Duties
  1. Arrive at the course at designated time
  2. Receive a list of players and tee times
  3. Review and be familiar with all tournament rules
  4. Receive four-somes and score cards from Organizer
  5. Review all tournament rules with each foursome
  6. Announce each player to tee off in order
  7. Issue score cards to opposing players in the foursome. Direct each player and scorekeeper to sign the scorecard prior to turning it.
Ranger Duties
  1. Arrive at he course at designated time.
  2. Secure golf cart
  3. Secure two-way radio
  4. Travel course to ensure foursomes keep pace
  5. Direct slow four-somes to speed up play
  6. Report any problems or rule issues to course professional
Scorer Duties
  1. Arrive at the course at designated time
  2. Receive a list of players and tee times
  3. Receive score cards from players as they complete each round. Ensure cards are signed bv the player and the scorer
  4. Add up strokes for each round
  5. Enter Player scores on the Score Sheet
  6. Turn Score Cards into Official Scorer
  7. Enter scores on poster Score Sheets
  8. Post Player Score Sheets in order of score

Registration Closed

Registration Closed